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Correcting underexposed shots:
Photoshop 5,6 and 7  Here is what you need to do its basically the same but 7 treats the color channels a little different.

Photoshop Version 7.0

#1 Open your under exposed photo
#2 Go to Image/Duplicate click OK
#3 Go to Image/Mode/Grayscale click OK
#4 (This is were its a little different Version 5 & 6) Go to Image/Mode/Multichannel
#5 Go to Filters/Blur/Gaussian Blur Select Radius of 4.0 seems best click OK
#6 Select your original Color Photo Go to Select/Load Selection click OK
#7 Go to Edit/Fill Change settings Use: 50% Gray    Blending Mode: Color Dodge   Opacity: value depends on what's needed you can always repeat step #7 so you can start with something low. Check it out at 100% and you'll see how it acts (undo) and adjust from their. Or better yet (not in other versions of Photoshop) apply only 5% first go back to Edit and you'll now see an option Fade Fill this brings out a slider that you can see a Preview !!!
NOTE: At Step #7 If the photo has a lot of gray you might try levels (center slider) instead of fill I find that on those types of photos it works quite well also...

You can hide the selection (marching ants) from View/Hide Edges if it bothers you looking at it but don't forget you have it hidden.

PhotoShop Version 6

Follow along open your picture

#1 Image/Duplicate/OK
#2 Image/Mode/Grayscale/OK
#3 Filter/Gaussian Blur ( give a factor 4.0) OK
#4 Now select your original file leaving the copy open
#5 Original selected: Select/Load Selection (Channel Black) Check Invert /OK
#6 Edit Fill/ Use: 50% Gray / Opacity: 100% (experiment with it) Mode: Color Dodge (you can apply this more than once using different Opacity's)
#7 That's it!!!

You can hide the selection (marching ants) from View/Hide Edges if it bothers you looking at it but don't forget you have it hidden.

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