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This is what I use to clean my CCD if needed.
I will blow first to see if I can remove any particles of dust before using the lens pen very lightly if needed.
Never use canned air it has propellants that can spray out and contaminate the CCD.
The blower below is made by American Recorder compressed CO2 (see info below)
Use a EH-5 AC Adapter also so the CCD isn't charged if you use
the batteries in the camera to expose the CCD it will draw dust making a bigger mess of it.

You need a means of blowing loose dust off the sensors surface I use  compressed CO2 gas and to remove any stubborn particles a lens pen.  Do not use cans of compressed air such as Dust-Off, as they contain liquid propellants that can gunk-up the sensor. Also some of the compressed gas and air blowers are very strong and can blow dirt particles into deep recesses of the camera where they can cause other problems. Also, be very careful of the point of the blower. Don't let it ever touch the sensor plate surface.

A company called American Recorder makes a blower that uses compressed CO2 that is safe to use. Their replacement cylinders of gas do not contain any propellant, and the blower has a long plastic wand. Do not use CO2 cartridges intended for use with air guns, for example, as these contain a lubricant that can gunk up your sensor plate.


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