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This page is created as a place to give my real online purchase experience and review stores I have used online.

Good or bad this page will list what my personal experience with stores, problems or customer service in an effort to help others who may be thinking of using one on my list my experience may help you in avoiding a bad vendor or help in having a good purchase.

This is my personal experience only! yours may be different better or worse I will list product bought and if it was shipped in a timely manner and list if I had problems with delivery, refunds, warranty and exchanges.

I have no affiliation with any store on this list this is strictly my experience with them.

Above the name shows I have used them for products and had good experience with them.
This only shows I bought products myself from them.

*** Above the name for slow shipping or  lack of support after purchase (returns or exchange for defective product).

 *  for questionable or bad service.
I hope my good or bad experience will help others.

Paid with Paypal never shipped products have dispute claim issued with paypal to try and get my money back, beware of this site!
Paypal has returned my payment ***
Price Point   Fast shipping no problems many parts on several different purchases ***
ELETE ELECTROLITES   Fast shipping no problems  several different purchases of elete 32 oz Refill Bottles and elete Pocket  Bottles ***

WCP  /  World Cycling Productions ***  Assos FI.13_S5 Bib Short





This site was last updated 04/28/10