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Trek T900

Bought a new Trek T900 @Jax Bicycle Center Long Beach, CA
Jax Bicycle Center


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Trek T900 Specs

First Ride on the new Trek T900
It rode great for its first ride just needs some fine tuning adjustments.

Several changes have taken place from our first test ride
and a few more to come but we almost have it dialed in now
stoker needs some adjustments and a few parts swapped out but coming
along nicely, it will be a few more test rides before it's also were we want it.


Switched tires to a set of
Schwalbe Stelvio 26 Inch High Pressure Tires
26x1.1 Folding Bead (28-559, 115 Max. PSI, 250 grams)





Forte CTR Riser Bar
Carbon fiber handlebars

Rise:  1.75"
Weight:  172g
Clamp:  25.4mm
Length:  610mm
Sweep:  9 degree
Material:  Carbon









I used the QBP Travel Agent to replaced the noodle only to reduce a
little friction and help aid cable life.
These are not a straight bolt on addition if you want them to
work 100% careful care must be taken in alignment of the cable exiting the
Travel Agent so its centered as it exits the Travel Agent by fine tuning the
outer cable housing length and routing of the cable to get it correct.
If alignment is off the inner cable will rub the exit hole on the
Travel Agent and it will bind more then the noodle
and cut the cable in a short time.

2 VDO C3 DS Wireless Computer w/ Wireless Cadence

Both are running from one sender on rear chain stay and Cadence
 on stokers crank






When needed a Trek Comfort Rack is also used with a
Transit Pro Rack Trunk




3 Forte Theta Carbon Cage weight 25g. each



Forté Contour Saddles weight 352g each



This is a bracket I made so we can attach our
trailer to the Trek T900. I had no way to put this bracket on the
rear QR so this was fabricated using the mounting
holes in the frame for a disc brake bracket.



2 sets of Speedplay 2X Stainless Steel pedals.



Profile Design Stoker 26 Handlebar 42cm



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