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Presta Fitting For Air Compressor


My compressor always has air in the tank and set to 110 PSI
I have a inline gate valve so I can close the air line off so tank stays full when not in use.
If I had to turn it on just to pump a bike tire I would not bother with it a floor pump is faster.
With that said here is what I did to make this work on my Presta valves.

Harbor Freight sells these I modified the one I had already it works good so
I may get the one with the dial next time I go to Harbor Freight, but the dial is really not needed
since I set my compressor to 110
PSI that's were I run my tires anyways.

I used what I had this is a Dual Chuck Tire Inflator $5.79 gage goes to 120 PSI

They also have Dual Chuck Tire Inflator with Dial Gauge $9.79 gage goes to 220 PSI



Removed original Schraeder fitting

from flex hose and put a

Quick Coupler

which I already had for this project.

This Presta chuck I got from an old broken floor

pump and put a male quick connector on it.

Schraeder  also got a male quick connector.

And since I had it I put one on the original

Schraeder tube that came with it.



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