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Tandem Bike Project
Parts are being bought from a few different places.
Performance Bicycle / HarrisCyclery


It may not be fancy but it gets me were I need to go!

Just a fun project since it was free.


Updated 07-08-06

The first cleaning of the bike removing the rust and old grease.

Cleaned up nicely only a little rust remains.
Updated 07-09-06

Dad checking it out and its new
Forte 26x1.75 Kevlar tires.
Performance Bike $23 for the pair.

NOTE: Single drive chain system on left side

soon to be changed to a 3 crank chain ring

with cross over chain system for sync chains.

Updated 07-29-06

The bike so far has new set of  tires, hand grips and seats.

Hooking up the bike trailer for a ride with the grandkids.
The bike trailer is a Schwinn Mark II



Updated 8-05-06

Some shots of a major modification.

Full left view the addition of Tandem crossover chain system

for the sync chains.

Shimano Deore XT Tandem 170 mm  Cranks.

This bike had tapered square crank shafts so to keep the cost down on this modification I kept them rather than changing to a splined bottom bracket. I had an old right hand Shimano 3 chain ring crank so I bought 2 captains Shimano Deore XT Tandem 170 mm  Cranks I used one complete set up front for the captains cranks and the left crank with the sync gear for the stokers and used my old Shimano GT 170mm crank for the strokes side.

This saved me a lot of money I picked up the 2 Shimano Deore XT Tandem 170 mm  Cranks on eBay for $150.00

Close up view of the stokers crank and homebuilt chain

Idler tensioner made from a rear derailleur

and the addition of 3 chain rings on the

opposite right crank.

Spring loaded idler made from a old Shimano rear derailleur to keep the sync chain tight with light pressure.
The H & L adjusting screws are used to fine tune alignment to the sprocket.


Stokers right crank with the 3 new chain rings

front derailleur.

Full right side view.
Full left side view.

Updated 08-06-06

Next modifications are the replacement of the front

and rear derailleur thanks to Brian (co-worker & friend) who

was kind enough to give me some old parts he had

 to do the swap with they are much better units but brackets

need to be made for this mod. will be done soon...


Update: This original rear derailleur was a cheep one that had the hanger on it the frame needed a way to mount the Shimano 600 derailleur.

I found a adaptor that attached to a frame, the frame did not have a built-in derailleur mount on the right dropout.
This adapter is threaded so you can use any derailleur with it.

This bracket was bought at Harris Cyclery http://sheldonbrown.com/harris/

Harris Cyclery sells other parts also.
My experience with them was good with fast delivery. +




Updated 10-17-06
An attempt to reduce some weight with some
aluminum rims.

Newest addition to this upgrade was
swapping out the old steal hubs and rims
with some vintage MB Suntour 36h hubs
laced 3 cross to a pair of 26x1.5mm UKAI rims.
Reduced weight approx. 2 lbs.

The freewheel is a 6 speed 13,14,17,20,23,26 rings.
Bought them for a total of $130.00 ebay




Updated 10-28-06

Freewheel gear ratio changed to 14,15,17,20,24,28.



Updated 11-05-06

Brake Upgrade

The old Cantilever Brakes were replaced with
Linear Pull (or V-Brake) more info below.

Forté Team Brakes V-brakes
New cables installed with upgrade.

Forté Team Brakes Rear V-brakes Cost: $9.99
Forté Team Brakes Front V-brakes Cost: $9.99
Forté Team V Brake Levers $9.99 pair
Cables: $10.00 set




Weight is 170/gr pair

Forged aluminum brake arms and low profile pads
combine to leverage maximum braking power.




Front Forté Team Brakes V-brakes




The original Cantilever brake levers were
upgraded to a matching set of
Forté Team V Brake Levers that are
forged aluminum with both adjustable reach
and adjustment for mechanical advantage.


Tires replaced with new
Forte Fast City ST/K MTB Tire
Kevlar 26x1.25
High-pressure slicks designed for mountain bikes
for better rolling  resistance.
The first set I tried which were a set of
Forte Kevlar 26x1.75 a little wider and lower pressure.

Tires: $12.99 each








Pedal Upgrade
2 sets of Forté Campus Pedals

This set of pedals has a platform on one side
so you can use your normal shoes, flip it over
and it has clips that are compatible with
Shimano SPD cleats so it can be used with or
without toe clips, with or without cleats.
I also wanted straps for my street shoes so
I also use a set of Winwood Instep Pedal Inserts
which are clipped into the toe clips.
If you are going to use biking shoes the
Winwood Instep Pedal Inserts are removed and you
clip straight into the pedal.
Both Captain and stoker are equipped with
the same setup.



Captain Handle bar upgrade replace steel bar.

Front bars fitted with Aluminum Forté straight bars with
Forté  Bar Ends.

Forté  Aluminum Straight Bars $9.99

Forté  Bar Ends $9.99 Set



Stroke Handle Bar Upgrade replaces steel bar.

A Low Rise Aluminum Forté Handle Bar
also fitted with a set of Forté  Bar Ends.

Forté  Aluminum Bar $14.99

Forté  Bar Ends $9.99 Set8



The old stoker stem was replaced
the seat bar is a little of an odd diameter
being an old bike so I found this front stem at a
local bike shop and picked it up cheap.
I made a shim for it so it fit.
Its actually an adjustable stem with built in shock
with tension adjustments worked out well.

UNO Adjustable Stem $12.00




New drive and timing chains installed.

Bought from Nashbar on sale.

Drive Chain $10.99 (116 Links)

Nashbar Tandem/Recumbent 8 Speed Chain
by KMC 232 link chain. (Cut Down To Size).

On sale for $8.
06 (Timing Side)




Kids stoker crank set installed.
This allows the smaller kids to join in on riding
as the stoker.
They really like the thought of peddling
on some short rides.

It is installed with 2 Allen bolts that clamp onto
the stoker seat post, so installation and removal
is fast, remove the chain and ready to go with out it.



Left and Right View
of the kids stoker cranks.





Upgraded from a 6 to 7 speed freewheel using a
Shimano non "Alpine" version of the  Mega 7 freewheel
substituting a 28 tooth sprocket for the 34.
This freewheel has 11-13-15-18-21-24-28 setup.
Because of its unusual design, the larger sprockets have to use a larger spline pattern than other Shimano freewheels. Therefore, it is not possible to customize the gearing on this freewheel.
Harris Cyclery  $19.95
Tandem now has 21 speeds
I added a 1mm shim to get the proper clearance
for the frame for the 7 speed freewheel.

Latest photo 3-11-07

Older Photos During Upgrade




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