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Before After

Full view of the bike after upgrades

Old 7 speed freewheel and 105 rear derailleur are replaced with a
Shimano Utegra 10 speed cassette and 10 speed Uterga derailleur
and 10 speed chain.

This wheel fit with out needing to cold set the dropouts.
I worked on the axle spacing to work it into the dropouts so it fit, If it didn't
fit with out needing cold setting the drop outs I would not have converted to
10 speed cassette.

I have 2 - 10 speed Uterga cassette's 12-23 and 12-27

Down tube shifters are replaced with a set of
Shimano STI 105 brake lever and shifter with new cables.

Cable stops replace the down tube shifters.

Crank and Bottom Bracket were replaced with a Shimano Ultegra 172 mm 53/39 crank .
I also have a FSA Compact Crankset 175mm 50/34 for a climbing setup that uses the same BB so it just slips in and ready to go with a different chain.

New Cannondale Slice carbon fiber forks replaced the old steal fork.
Ultegra 10 speed front derailleur
I have 2 wheelsets for this ride.


American Classic 420 Wheelset:
With American Classic Steel face Hub Upgrade and Upgraded wit DT Swiss 2.0 x 1.8 x 2.0 spokes
Actual weight:
Front Rim with out skew 643.2 grams
Rear Rim with out skew 844.8 grams
Total = 1488  grams



Richey Wheelset:
Actual weight:
Front Rim with out skew 793.8 grams
Rear Rim with out skew 1129.7 grams
Total = 1923.5 grams

Zipp FlashPoint 60 Wheelset:

This wheelset is actually for my new Pedal Force build but wanted to test them out
on my old bike to see if I could notice any difference in speed

Rear wheel with out skew 1 343 grams



Zipp FlashPoint 60 Wheelset:

Front wheel with out skew  1 370 grams

Set of 105 duel pull brakes

Garmin 305 Edge Mount Support
Made from a solid rubber piece with just enough pressure to keep it snug and stops vibration also.
The Garmin Edge mounts are not very strong and reports of them breaking off have been reported.
It's not in the center and has more weight hanging off the top making it take a lot of abuse so I made a support to hold the weight
and stop vibration from the road so the plastic mount isn't taking any extra load and may also aid in keeping the contact from getting loose
as many have reported with the Edge 305.



American Classic 420 wheelset 19 lbs

With a Richey Comp Wheelset 20 lbs.




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