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THULE Bike Roof Rack Repair

I removed the vice clamp system inside this head and installed a Quick release with lock.


Split the adjuster and remove it.

I used a screw driver and slid the silver covers off
under it are keys remove them and the pins will slide out.
Re-install the silver covers.

Slide quick release in and reinstall parts inside with  put a 1/8" thick washer to
take up slack once the cover is closed.

You need the washer to take up slack so when you close the cover all the space it taken
up inside. When you close quick the head will be solid and tighten correctly.

I find this setup even better than the original system.

Both Thule or Yakima fork quick released will work fine for this.

So don't throw away the old rack fix it I found the QR for $12 - $20 on ebay

Or new online for about $25



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