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Made from an old motor rebuilding stand.

Strong enough to hold any bike that's for sure.



Clamp is from Lowes Home Improvement store.
3/4" Pipe Clamp Made By Bessey  Model # BPC-H34  $13.36

Its the only pipe clamp that had a large flat surface with rubber face that are removable.

While I have it clamped on the frame here you can use the
seat post or make a custom bracket for other needs.

The clamp has no problem holding up a 48lb+ Tandem
with very light pressure so I have no concern of frame damage here.

If it were on a aluminum or carbon frame I'd use a different location for sure.

I will be making some new rubber pads when I get some time
with a thicker material.



Rotating the clamps angle is done with this union rather than the
on the stand since I had to reduce the size from 1 1/2" to 3/4"

I can also put another clamp on the other side to hold 2 bikes
if needed.


The base of the stand is quite sturdy since its original application
was for light motors, its also has caster wheels so moving it around
is simple.



Here it is easily holding up a 48lb+ tandem

Trek T900

Here the clamp is on the stoker seat post because this frame is aluminum and clamping the frame can damage it.

The rear wheel is also hi off the ground and in this position the bike is very stable and has no movement.


Close up of the clamp on rear seat tube.


Here the stokers seat tong can be placed right on the bar to quickly get the rear wheel of the ground for quick repairs. In this position the bikes rear wheel is off the ground for tasks that don't require bike to be solidly clamped into the stand.



Clamped up front on the captains seat post to get the front off the ground



Close up shot of the clamp on the captains seat post.



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