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We provide simple comprehensive web site URL submissions to
700+ Search Engines. 

Want More People Visiting Your Web Site?
Want to Increase Your Sales?
With hundreds of thousands of web sites already on the net, getting noticed can be a difficult job. With our web site Submission services we can place your Web Page on 700+ Search Engines FAST. Where else can you advertise to thousands of potential customers for such a small fee. We submit our own sites once every 3 month with very satisfying results. Well you did find us, right?

JTGraphics can provide you with a one time, monthly or yearly plan to resubmit your page every 2, 3 or 6 months so you keep your listing current with all the major search engines. We will submit to over 700+ engines to increase site traffic to your Web site by submitting  the details ( Meta tags = Title, Keywords, Description ) to all the search engines, directories and free-for-all links including all the major search engines such as Excite, AltaVista, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, AOL NetFind and Northern Light etc.

If you need assistance in setting up your Meta Tags or any other details just let us know and well make arrangements.


Submission Pricing options:
(specials for multiple page submissions of  3 or more pages)

Plan #1
Your choice of 32 search engines or to our pre selected top 32 search engines . 

#1  1 time submission
#2  every 6 months 1 yr *
#3  every 3 months 1 yr *
#4  every 2 months 1 yr

Plan #2
Submission Pricing to over 700+ search engines
  1 time submission
#2  every 6 months 1 yr *
#3  every 3 months 1 yr *
#4  every 2 months 1 yr

* Recommended Plan

Multiple Page Indexing
One of the biggest obstacles in getting your site to the top of many search engines is that they are all operated differently. What if you could tailor your page to each of the five most used search engines? You can!
Create "mirror" versions of the HTML document you want to submit to the search engines.
What is multiple page indexing?

Please select Plans and Options #'s your interested in and any other details or questions you have.
Also Multiple page indexing if interested.  

Please Make Selections 


 Multiple Page Indexing 

 NOTE: Email address is mandatory for response.



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