All information should be filled out according to your needs any special information should be included in the section for special instructions.
For all transactions by internet a small low resolution proof will be displayed to you for final OK before any work is printed.
Payment must be sent before any work is started the time frame is 10 working days please allow time for shipping.
Any photos you provide for the art work will be sent back with shipment.
A tracking # for your shipment will be sent by email.
After viewing the proof and your authorization to print them no refunds will be issued for any reason all sales are final.
Please Note: I am not responsible for any shipping delays once I have sent all work to you.

Please provide me with all needed information for invitations:
If you are interested in special photo work only and not invitations use the Other Box Below and Special instructions Box and I will contact you for more details.

I will email the total cost of you're special project, if you selected Paypal as payment method I will email you my Paypal link, if you choose to send checks I will provide you with all my mailing info.
Thank You, Jeff

Important always include you Email Address:


        Information to be placed on art work:        

Quantity Needed   Minimum Order 30 Cards
Price List 30 @  $50.00
40 @  $55.00
Additional Cards 10 @  $5.00  per set
Flat Rate Shipping    US Currency Only    $12.00  (Includes shipping tracking number)
What is the Theme
R.S.V.P.  Date
Cloths & Shoe Size
Enter any special instructions or info here:
Please provide me with  your contact info.
Zip Code
Phone Number

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